wait. fuck. who. what.

This is a story comprised of stories.

This story is being written anonymously to protect myself (the author) and the innocent (or not so innocent) bystanders involved somehow in my revelations.

I’m certain that if a friend/enemy/ acquaintance/fuck buddy/co-worker/ex-boyfriend were to read this story, there wouldn’t be a doubt in anyone’s mind as to who is authoring. If you think you know or do know who I am, please keep it to yourself for my sake, your sake and the sake of this story.

This is an opportunity for me to share my fucked up, happy, manic, sexy, miserable, drunk, blonde, story with the world. I will describe experiences unabashedly, so be forewarned, my honesty is brutal and my heart is haphazardly stitched onto my sleeve. I won’t bite my tongue, what good would that do anyone? None, I’d just end up with a bloody tongue. It would just make for a shitty rant on a random blog by a random person.

Enjoy that this isn’t your life. Relate if you can, but I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot poll if I were you.

But hey, maybe you are just as crazy as I am. Maybe we could be friends.


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